“Education for Rural Youth”

“LandboUngdom has been involved in an international partnership with MFR since 2009, they have successfully organised 6 exchanges each with a weeklong,  between Denmark and Marocco. The partnership focus on empowering rural youth in order to strengthen their active engagement in their organisations and civil society. In order to  build youth capacity, so that young people can exert their participation as a knowledgeable, gender-sensible and democratic workforce in rural areas, by developing the organisational structure of MFR to better educate rural youth on practical skills and participation in democracy, such as engaging in cooperatives and student council. Thus, strengthen young farmworkers to create a better future for themselves within a sustainable agricultural sector, thereby decreasing rural poverty and youth unemployment. The target group are students at the agricultural school (MFR) in Ouled Said, Morocco, university students enlisted in the rural development organisation Enactus, Settat, Morocco, and members of LandboUngdom. All activities are run by and target rural youth under age 35”.

Reference: LandboUngdom


Siri Hustvedt

“The Blazing World; From one of the most ambitious and interna­tionally renowned writers of her generation. tells the provocative story of the artist Harriet Burden. After years of watching her work ignored or dismissed by critics, Burden conducts an experiment she calls Maskings: she presents her own art behind three male masks, concealing her female identity”


Siri Hustvedt from visuelantropologi.dk on Vimeo.