My first novel

Alice forside

Solen er knap nok stået op over den brasilianske højslette, da teenagepigen Alice stikker af hjemmefra uden at se sig tilbage. Hun bærer kun på en enkelt taske, men med sig tager hun også fortidens spøgelser. Sine døde brødre, sin sorte hud og mærkerne efter de slag, hendes mor har givet hende. Alice flygter hovedkulds fra sin familie gennem den hårde brasilianske virkelighed. En barsk dannelsesrejse hvor overlevelse sker på trods, og skæbner skrives i blod. Og hvor der er kort fra venligheden i et lysende smil til frygtens glimt i øjnene.

Rejsen fører med tiden Alice til Europa og kærligheden. Men hendes bagage er tung, og spøgelserne fra fortiden har ikke til hensigt at slippe deres greb i hende.

Cida de Souza Schmidt-Madsen (f. 1973) er antropolog og videojournalist. Hun er født og opvokset i Nordøstbrasilien, i den hårdføre og isolerede region, der også sætter scenen i denne fortælling, men har boet i Danmark siden midt i 90’erne. Alice er hendes debutroman Læs mindre

“Education for Rural Youth”

“LandboUngdom has been involved in an international partnership with MFR since 2009, they have successfully organised 6 exchanges each with a weeklong,  between Denmark and Marocco. The partnership focus on empowering rural youth in order to strengthen their active engagement in their organisations and civil society. In order to  build youth capacity, so that young people can exert their participation as a knowledgeable, gender-sensible and democratic workforce in rural areas, by developing the organisational structure of MFR to better educate rural youth on practical skills and participation in democracy, such as engaging in cooperatives and student council. Thus, strengthen young farmworkers to create a better future for themselves within a sustainable agricultural sector, thereby decreasing rural poverty and youth unemployment. The target group are students at the agricultural school (MFR) in Ouled Said, Morocco, university students enlisted in the rural development organisation Enactus, Settat, Morocco, and members of LandboUngdom. All activities are run by and target rural youth under age 35”.

Reference: LandboUngdom


Siri Hustvedt

“The Blazing World; From one of the most ambitious and interna­tionally renowned writers of her generation. tells the provocative story of the artist Harriet Burden. After years of watching her work ignored or dismissed by critics, Burden conducts an experiment she calls Maskings: she presents her own art behind three male masks, concealing her female identity”


Siri Hustvedt from on Vimeo.

Transsylvanien, Romania

Made in Transilvania

Made in Transilvania from on Vimeo.

Transylvanian unique wood carving buildings are included in the UNESCO World heritage list.


Romania is “waking up” from the past. Art and wood work is becoming a national signature, a special way to tell story about a society and a different way to restore collective trauma. Romanians still are finding a way to deal with their collective consciousness and collective story. Romania has become part of the European Union. In the region of Maramures people have discovered that their traditional craftsmanship has something that the modern part of Europe lacks.

“Made in Transilvania” is a film about a living paradox and a dying craft, about manmade work and the passing of time. The Brazilian anthropologist, Aparecida de Souza Schmidt-Madsen and the Romanian business student, Diana Voicu have joined forces to portray the unique craft from the region of Maramures. Here, traditional carpentry is still thriving, a craft, that is rapidly dying in the rest of Europe and America. The local craftsmen export their wood constructions as far as to U.S.A. and Canada: churches, city gates, houses. The film follows a group of carpenters, constructing a wooden church to be exported – and follow the men as the stacks of timber are loaded on a truck and driven across the border, to be rebuilt in Moncalieri, in Italy.


Toader Barsan, born in 1944. Barsans family has been working with wood for three generations, yet Barsan has taken the ancient craft to new levels. Barsan is renowned for his original sculpturing, constructing, among other things, a chain made out of a single piece of wood. To Barsan, the wood is alive, and his carvings hold many traditional symbols, like the sun that gives life, the snake head that protects, the tree of life, that symbolizes the eternal life and the link between the past, present and future, and the twisted rope, representing infinity, link between earth and sky. “God likes us being united, to work together, to help each other”, Barsan says. Like the wooden chain made out of a single piece of wood.

Mihai Bledea 44 year’s old, former chef. Mihai have had a passion for wood for all his life: “Before I worked as a chef I had the love for wood, I loved wood and slowly I started making some objects and landmarks out of wood, which stay … we can say that they will remain in the history of Maramures.” Mihai never had a teacher or a mentor – yet today he constructs large wooden buildings. The wood he works with is oak and he is glad and proud to that his work will last for centuries. “We are tradition keepers and this is the way we were born and we will die.”