Cida  de Souza Schmidt-Madsen

2 thoughts on “Kontakt

  1. Hi! (You “friended” me on LinkedIn),
    I like your videos very much. I cannot understand them (language), but I appreciate the aesthetic and technique. I kind of understand a bit…but, not deeply.
    Anyway, glad to make your acquaintance.
    All best,

    • Hi Eric

      Thanks, I will work on subtitles for the next projects, however these projects are very Danish, I am working on a more international profile ( I am originally Brazilian) I am a project maker you know. Anyway I like you portfolio too and the fact, that you relates your work to visual anthropology, I will love to see visual anthropologists working on projects that is interesting for other people, then just anthropologists among each other, if you know what I mean.

      I just finished this project, also in Danish, sorry, but is more visually, because it is about a amateur theater, so you can skip the talking parts. There is still need for some sounds adjustments.

      Anyway, we should keep in contact, in case we could exchange same visual anthropologists ideas.

      All best, Cida

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